In 2004 the massage therapist that I saw regularly for bodywork gave me a Facelift Massage as a freebie add-on for my birthday.  I had never experienced anything like it, and I could not stop smiling afterwards.  I felt as if I had been pleasantly drugged and my skin looked radiant.  It was a stupendous gift – and clever marketing on her part, because that one gratis treatment got me hooked!  From then on I saw her monthly for the facial service, in addition to the full-body massages that I received at regular intervals.

Just over a year later I decided I would certify to give the treatment, and am so happy that I did, because the reaction from clients has been stellar.  Common remarks have been, “Wow!  That was like a dream!” or, “I feel a little bit out of it.  I think I’m going to go home, light some candles and take a bath now.”

These reactions are a response to the nervous system being downloaded and allowing oneself to be supremely pampered, which I believe most individuals are lacking within the frenzied tempo of modern life.  Do you wonder what it would be like to release your chronically clenched jaw brought on by work overload, screaming-but-adorable kids, traffic, or not enough down time?  Take just a couple hours for yourself and come see me!  I genuinely delight in witnessing the pure relaxation and well-being created for my clients.

The service includes seven hot towels, aromatherapy, a cleanse, exfoliation, and masque that lifts the skin more freely off of the skeleton.  The heart of the service is a unique targeted massage sequence that works the facial muscles authentically, resulting in a more youthful and rested appearance.  I have hand-selected each product based on my years of experience in both the traditional and medical spa industry.  As always, please let me know ahead of time if you have any allergies that I need to be aware of (esp., lavender, honey, and citrus).

If you have experienced a hundred other facials in your life chances are they were not comparable to this.  Several clients have conveyed to me they feel more relaxed after my Facelift Facial than after a full-body massage.  Male clients are some of my biggest fans for this treatment.  (Guys, don’t get embarrassed if you mellow out so greatly that you start snoring – I take it as a compliment!)

Thank you.  I look forward to seeing you soon at the Waxing Studio in Centerville.


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