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In 2004 the massage therapist that I saw regularly for bodywork gave me a Facelift Massage as a freebie add-on for my birthday.  I had never experienced anything like it, and I could not stop smiling afterwards.  I felt as if I had been pleasantly drugged and my skin looked radiant.  It was a stupendous […]

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REASONS TO WAX @ THE WAXING STUDIO We LOVE to wax.  We specialize in facial and full body waxing for both men and women and do it all day long. Our studio is CLEAN.  Our beds and rooms are wiped down with Clorox between clients.  We constantly disinfect our equipment, couches, bathroom fixtures, pens, etc., […]

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Tips on caring for your new Brazilian

Tips on caring for your new Brazilian   1. Do not touch freshly waxed skin-doing so could create little pimples on the waxed area 2. After 48 hrs lightly exfoliate the area using an exfoliation glove or an Ayate washcloth Along With your favorite facial cleanser. Repeat every 2-3 days to avoid ingrown hair 3. […]

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Waxing Tidbits – Home Waxing Kits

Is a home waxing kit ever a good idea? Well….In my opinion…No. I have heard many stories over the years about people waxing themselves or others at home.  Some are quite funny but others have been horror stories.  The latest was last week. A client of mine came in and told me she tried to […]

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Waxing Tidbits – Benefits of Waxing

The Benefits of Body Waxing: There are many benefits to body waxing compared to other temporary hair removal methods Hair in waxed areas will not grow back for two to eight weeks. Long lasting smooth and silky skin, area stays softer and smoother longer When removing unwanted body hair waxing also exfoliates the area and […]

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