Frequently Asked Questions

Who Do We Serve?

Men and women of all ages and walks of life who expect impeccable waxing and spa services from professionals who are friendly and highly skilled in their trade.

*Some of our valued clients commute from Utah County to receive our services!

What Do I Need To Know Prior To My Appointment?

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first appointment, so that you may complete our simple one-page client consultation form.

For optimal results please allow at least 14 days of hair growth. For Leg waxing we recommend 21 days of hair growth in order to ensure all of the hair is long enough to achieve a thorough removal.

Exfoliation is key to a successful waxing service, especially on the legs. Please lightly exfoliate the treatment area within 24 hours prior to your service with your product of choice (e.g., sugar scrub, loofah, or bath glove).

Do moisturize your skin, including the Brazilian and Brozilian areas. Skin that is moisturized and cared for will be prepped for waxing and less irritated afterward.

What Do I Need To Do After My Appointment?

We advise that you keep your freshly waxed skin out of hot tubs, swimming pools, lakes, rivers, and ocean water for 48 hours following your treatment while your hair follicles may be more prone to receiving bacteria and/or irritation from chemicals.

Do not apply sensitizing products (e.g., those containing alpha hydroxy acids and/or stimulants) to freshly waxed skin. After 48 hours you may begin exfoliating your skin with your product of choice, which will help prevent ingrown hairs.

What If I Am Experiencing Ingrown Hairs?

Some individuals are more prone to ingrown hairs even with regular mechanical exfoliation. We carry a superior product available for home use that is highly effective at combating this issue.

Does Waxing Hurt?

Well, it can a little bit, depending on the area and frequency of upkeep. Our advanced waxing technique is designed to minimize your discomfort. We recommend taking ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment. We also offer a numbing cream for purchase that can be applied 45 minutes before your appointment. When a client maintains their waxing service at regular intervals their experience becomes very comfortable, particularly on the Brazilian and Brozilian areas.

By scheduling one’s appointments consistently (every 3-6 weeks) we effectually “train” the hair into a singular growth cycle. The result is a less painful and longer-lasting treatment. Waxing will also damage the hair follicles over time, so less hair will grow back and the remaining hair will emerge finer and more sparsely.

If you have any unique questions regarding your service please ask Kelle or Amanda. We can be reached by phone, text, or by messaging us through

Thank you for your business and welcome to the Waxing Studio!