Spa Services

Facial2“Facelift” Facial

This treatment is NOT akin to a traditional European facial. Aromatic products invigorate the senses during the cleanse, exfoliation and masque. The heart of the service is a sequence of targeted massage strokes that naturally lift and tone the facial muscles. The neck, shoulders and decolette are also massaged.

Clients commonly report feeling euphoric post-facial, with glowing skin. Several have expressed they find it more relaxing than a full body massage! (Male clients need to shave prior to receiving this service).


Chemical Peels

ChemPeelChemical Peels are minimally invasive skin therapies that reduce or improve wrinkles, blemishes, pigment spots, and sun damaged areas of the skin. After a solution of alpha or beta hydroxy acid (or a combination of both) is applied to the skin the client may feel a tingling sensation for several minutes. Mild to moderate erythema (redness) may appear at the treatment site temporarily. Cellular turnover is accelerated, causing old skin cells to slough and new ones to emerge. The result of a peel is fresher, less congested, more youthful and more even-looking skin.

(Please tell us about your unique skin concerns and we will designate the appropriate treatment for you).


Lash and Brow Tinting

Blue eye

Lash and brow tinting are beautiful and natural-looking enhancements for the client on-the-go. A safe vegetable dye is applied to the lashes and/or brows for several minutes, resulting in a semi-permanent stain that lasts approximately 3 weeks.

Tinting is a great option for athletes, those embarking on a camping trip or no-fuss vacation, or anyone who wants to look naturally gorgeous!